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This is the personal playground of Tod Price, a.k.a HTRN. This is where I post information on my crafts, interests, hobbies and other things, the Internet community may find of interest.

So what is a HTRN? A HTRN is a High Tech Red Neck. This is a nick name I acquired working the tech industry. Not a real "Redneck", but people in the city thought I was one. I am a person that city people consider maybe a hick or a country boy. Why, because I am different and not part of their rat race. I am happy with the little things in life and very comfortable with technology. I actually find it easy to apply.

In my instance, I live in the middle of the Western Virginia mountains (No not West Virginia), until recently not connected to the power grid and still have all the comforts of any other home. Even before Al Gore invented the Internet and Global Warming.

I use Solar for electricity, a mountain spring for water, raise a garden, ride a 4-wheeler and commute to the city for employment. To further reduce my carbon footprint, I recently (Spring 2007) had the grid connected so that I didn't ever have to run my gas generator. The Grid is our new "backup" power source.

I have recently become very interested in making Native American Style Flutes, aka NAF. I was introduced to NAFs by a friend. I was intrigued by the sound of this style instrument. I was never really exposed to wind instruments. But I found them pleasing to make, relatively easy to play and pleasing to the ear. Please check out the section on NAFs.

Antique Log CabinAnother means of entertainment is to develop web pages for folks, another example of a High Tech Red Neck. I live in an antique log cabin, with solar power, in middle of nowhere. Making flutes and web pages, what a combination. Here are some: