Freeswitch is an open source telephony systems. In using it, it quickly became apparent to me that I needed a GUI tool to manage the configuration and provide user productivity tools.

What I found after searching is that there are not many options.

  • FusionPBX really the only usable tools, but I found it had limitations. Mainly, around being a generic CMS.
  • FreePBX, which is a great asterisk tool, is working to develop a Freeswitch version. It show great promise, but in my opinion is way to complicated to extend.

This was started, because I need a CMS as the glue to connect all my systems and content. I have been using Joomla for many years, an so this was an easy fit.

I created a component for Joomla and publish it for general use at some point.  This work is a standard addon to Joomla that provides a backend/administrative interface for configuration, and a frontend interface that provides productivity tools for end users.