Mostly collections of photos we have accumulated over time, illustrating the transformation of our property in the Western Virginia mountains, near Fancy Gap, Virginia.

The beginning

The beginning of the whole thing.   This is how the cabin was when we found it.


Beginning of the work.  Demolishing the unsafe parts and saving the parts of value.

Making logs

Making replacement logs, from trees in the woods.  Most of the logs, on the bottom course, of the cabin were rotten and had to be replaced, this was from many years of sitting in the dirt.

Cabin renovation

This is a collection of pictures accumulated during the refurbishment of our 150 year old log cabin.

Early Construction 1

Pictures of construction of the cabin.

Read more: Early Construction 1

Early Construction 2

Pictures of construction of the cabin.

Read more: Early Construction 2

Barn renovation

Shop construction

My new Shop

The beginning

Ground breaking started on Saturday, April 11th 2009. A long way to go, but the long journey has taken its first step.
A sincere thinks to G & G construction and the community, for the knowledge and labor to help get this done.

Pickin Porch

  • Log Cabin renovation

    Mostly pictures of the evolution and renovation of our cabin in the hills of Western Virginia, near Fancy Gap, Virginia.

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  • Barn renovation

    Photos of the renovation of our 100+ year old barn.  I was very glad to fortify to last another century or more.

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  • Shop construction

    Pictures of the construction of my shop.  I also call this my Man building, mainly because it is the only place that I get to make decisions about.

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  • Fancy Gap Things

    Things we have done in Fancy Gap, Virginia

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